About me
About me

With years of experience in web3 & marketing, I have worked with businesses of all sizes.

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View my projects
I've been helping both brands and creators launch their own ideas, create stunning websites, and engage with their audiences all while capturing their brand's identity.
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My Story
About me

Robotics & AI Engineer to Growth Hacker and Marketing

Building things has been my passion since childhood—from Legos to watching my dad fix cars. This evolved into dreaming of creating Star Wars-like tech to studying Robotic Engineering at the University of Reading. Diverse roles from electrical systems to web design have honed my skills.

My career took a turn when I discovered web3; it aligned with my love for disruptive innovation. Now, I'm blending my technical expertise with marketing, committed to shaping the future of decentralized tech. In web3's limitless potential, I find a new frontier for my childhood dreams of creation and design.
My timeline

Over 9 years as a marketing & growth strategist

2017 - 2020


This is where the jump from engineer to data scientist to growth hacker happened.

Working on cutting-edge drone technology to launching our mission planning software across Europe. As the demand for our product grew, I knew we needed to start experimenting and learning from our own growth.
2020 - 2022

Admix & Landvault

Having always been an avid gamer, the chance to work in the gaming industry was incredible. Not only that but this is where I formally got intorduced to web3 through the stunning world of the Metaverse.

It was amazing to work with a team all pushing one goal - bringing gaming and the metaverse together!
2022 - 2023


At Gensyn I truly sunk my teeth into web3. Peering under the hood at how pure decentralization works, learning about its impact on the world, and getting to grips with how to educate and market it to the world.
2023 - Present


My passion for decentralization, privacy, and technology all came together at Mailchain.

With a clear mission, incredible partners joining weekly, an active community, and incredible team; this is what it has all been for.
2022 - Present


Of course I couldn't keep all that knowledge to myself! ExpensiveJPEG is my way to share with the world and support other projects that need some marketing magic.