With years of experience in web3 & marketing, I have worked with businesses of all sizes.
Explore my story
Explore my story
Since 2017
I've been helping both brands and creators launch their own ideas, create stunning websites, and engage with their audiences all while capturing their brand's identity.
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View my portfolio
I'm always happy to talk with anyone interested in taking their first steps into
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My Service
Web design
This includes creating unique and interactive designs that reflect a company's identity and goals, while also taking into account various aspects of page design such as user experience, usability, navigation, content organization and conversion.
Social Media
The process involves understanding the client's requirements, auditing existing social accounts, and then designing, producing, and experimenting, and analyzing new approaches to promote growth across channels.
Marketing Strategy
This is in-depth analysis of your entire approach to marketing, across all channels. It is crucial in order to understand the most cost effective and efficient way to grow your brand awareness and successfully convert your audience into customers.
Web3 Speaker
I love to share my experiences and knowledge with as many people as I can. This is why whenever there is an opportunity to speak about web3, decentralization and its impact on the world - I'm there!
Data Analytics & Enrichment
Good data is core to making good decisions. Leaning on my engineering and programming background allows me to rapidly gather and validate data to ensure the right direction is being taken.
Marketing Mentor
We are still very early in the web3 and decentralization story. There are always people coming to the scene and they need help to find tehir feet, understand the space, and start their own journey.
November 10, 2023

The Role of Social Media in Personal Branding

One of the best things I've ever done is dedicate time to growing my personal brand. it has saved me in more ways than one!
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November 7, 2023

Effective Networking in a Digital Age

Avatars, communities, Discord, Telegram, etc. How can you manage them all for your professional network?
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October 16, 2023

The Impact of Web3 on Traditional Business Models

Web3 and Decentralization will have an impact on many, many aspects of all of our lives. But how will it change business models?
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His custom website designs, coding solutions, branding strategies, graphic design and app design were all top notch.
Chris Worsey
SportsIcon, CEO
I highly recommend Tom to anyone looking for a creative marketer who can provide comprehensive services tailored specifically to their needs!
Tim Boeckmann
Mailchain, CEO
He provided an incredible package of marketing strategy, design and development services that helped us increase our digital presence by 50%.
Charles Adkins
Aptos Labs, VP Marketing
How long do projects typically take?
It is hard to estimate the time a project will take, so our first step is to meet with you and talk about your goals for the project. From here we can set realistic expectations, set milestones and check-in sessions, and effectively price the work.
Can you talk at our event?
I am always excited to talk at events about web3 technology, marketing, and general technology advancements. Reach out and we can discuss.
Will you invest in our project?
I am no investment wizard, I actively track my own interests but beyond that I avoid investing in projects with anything other than advice and time.