Mailchain makes it possible to communicate in a web3-native way. With our SDK, developers can easily add web3 email to their own projects and applications, allowing them to engage with their users in a truly web3 way.

Head of Marketing
January 9, 2023
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Marketing Strategy Leadership

Develop and lead both the inbound and outbound marketing strategy, executing campaigns, and ensuring team performance aligns with set objectives. Continually adapt strategies based on market trends and company needs to ensure optimized reach and impact.

Content Creation and Management

Generate extensive expert copy, graphics, video and audio content for a wide range of user audiences, resulting in a 492.0% increase in content production. Ensure all content aligns with brand voice and caters to the interests and needs of our diverse audience.

Growth Hacking and web3 Partnerships

Utilize advanced growth hacking strategies to expand our reach and influence in the web3 space. Form strategic partnerships within the web3 community to promote our services and enhance our reputation.

Performance Analysis and Reporting

Oversee the collection and analysis of marketing data to gauge campaign effectiveness and inform future strategies. Regularly report on performance metrics to the rest of the team and use these insights to drive a 727.6% increase in conversions.

Community Engagement

Foster relationships with users, partners, web3 integrations and stakeholders through social media and other platforms, resulting in a 324.7% increase in social awareness. Use these platforms to gather feedback, answer questions, and build a strong community around Mailchain.

Team Leadership

Guide and support a team of marketing professionals in their daily tasks and long-term career development. Foster a collaborative and inclusive work environment that encourages creativity and innovation.

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